5 generations


Carob is a traditional crop of the Mediterranean, but came Cheste massively late nineteenth century , following the palga of phylloxera which affected all the vineyards of Europe. Carob began to be planted as a substitute , since the fruit could also be produced alcohol. After the phylloxera , needed to find a new use for everything planted . Here we find Joaquin Jordan , who initially bought pods for the production of alcohol and also soon start marketing them as food for horses pulling streetcars at that time. The garrofas were shipped in rail cars especially north of Spain , who was the richest area of the country where there is no crop.

Early twentieth century : he finds a new value to the carob , the thickening capacity , especially useful for glue and cardboard. Many choppers are starting to open in the area. Jordan Joaquin transferred the business to his son, Jordan Hyginus , which continued trading with carob .

1941 : Civil War and the harsh postwar paralyze this trade and in 1941 is the son of Hyginus , Ricardo Jordan , who began working in a factory owned Chiva Tarin family , and where he worked and another family , the family Montaner. Ricardo Jordan was dedicated to buy pods from nearby villages and also worked in the quality control of the finished product and to avoid theft or tampering . His involvement was such that for 16 years made ​​the walk way between Cheste , where he lived, Chiva , where was the job, until in 1957 he bought a motorcycle, specifically, a Guzzi .

1960 : Family Montaner and Jordan unite and buy the factory to family Tarin . During this decade opens the market, especially in northern Europe, where hundreds of thousands were exported tons, tons of pulp and chopped carob . Begin to proliferate even more shops and switches in the Valencia region . In all work with between 500,000 and carob 1,500.00 kilos .

1974 : Bussines moving to a new warehouse in Cheste .

1985 : Ricardo Montaner and Jordan Hyginus cede the baton to his sons, who curiously the same name as them. Both work together for almost 20 years , surviving the decay stage of the crop in Spain , beginning in 1995 .

2004 : Jordan Hyginus Ricardo Montaner and family decide to separate and form a new company Jordan , the Jordan SL Current Products . , Working since then to 50 % with your daughter, Immaculate Jordan , who is currently in charge of the company. The Jordan family bond and the company with the world of carob is demonstrated in over 100 years of work and the fact of belonging to the Association of Innovative Business World Garrofa and Carob Group. Today , in an increasingly specialized market , innovative and demanding, Jordan Products is one of the first chopper and producers in Spain , both in tonnage and distribution.

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