Century-old passion for
an ancestral fruit

Since 1872

We have been caring for
carob down to the finest detail

Since 1872

We have been making processes
easier for farmers and companies

Since 1872

We have spent more than a century living from and for carob. Treating it with the respect and admiration that a fruit with a great history and immense qualities deserves.

Vídeo corporativo

Carob, the new superfood
Discover all the properties of the fruit that has aroused the interest of the scientific community.

Pioneers and specialists in the sector
We are major producers in Spain, both in terms of tonnage and distribution, therefore we offer the best prices.

Other ancestral fruits
We also work with almond and olive, fruits rooted in our Mediterranean culture with a unique flavour and properties.

More than 100 years working with people like you
Honesty and trust for long-lasting relationships with farmers, suppliers and companies.

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The carob tree, from bandit to superfood.
The carob tree, from bandit to superfood. By Paco Alonso